Why Fabric?

I knew very little about cloth diapers until Big M was born and we started filling the trash daily. I couldn't understand how with such a small baby we generated so much garbage, so I started looking for alternatives and discovered the wonders of the world of reusable diapers.

If you're still hesitant to wear fabric, let me share what I've learned and why you should give it a try.

They are an excellent option for the planet

Only with single-use diapers for each baby we can generate ONE ton of garbage that will take 450 years to decompose. It's amazing isn't it?

By choosing cloth diapers, you immediately reduce the amount of waste generated. And by washing your diapers, you will be using less water than is required to produce the cellulose and plastic needed to make disposable diapers.

And one very important thing to keep in mind: It doesn't have to be all or nothing with cloth diapers. With only ONE diaper that we replace per day, we will be preventing 360 diapers from ending up in the trash every year.


They are an excellent option for your baby

Cloth diapers are super soft and comfortable when compared to disposable options. Would you choose something different for your baby's delicate skin?

Many families switch to cloth because their little ones have diaper rash, once those little tails are covered in soft and breathable fabrics, the problem is solved.

Also, by wearing cloth babies tend to get out of diapers earlier. So it's complete happiness!


They are an excellent option for your pocket

Let's assume you have to buy all the diapers your baby is going to use in one purchase. You have 2 options:

  1. Pay 4 million pesos (and I'm being quite conservative!) to cover all the disposable diapers that your baby will use from newborn to diaper-free.
  2. Buy your Linen kit and accessories + cover the water bill to wash them (including soap) and save 50%

Which option are you going for?

And last but not least, they look divine and build community!

Our irresistible designs are created by the hands of Colombian artists. Our Tropical Forests collection was created by Laura Escalante, mom, artist, and nature lover. Little M's and I love them and we hope you like them as much as we do.

In addition, through our Moms Caring for Moms program, with each purchase you will be making a gift of fabric to a vulnerable family in Colombia.

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