to get started

If you are here it is because you are considering including cloth changes in your daily life with your baby and I am here behind the screen and I am happy that you have found this space and to be able to accompany you on this path.

First of all, I want to tell you that using cloth diapers is easier than it seems and in the end, like everything new, you learn along the way, so the first step is to start.

You can start by changing ONE diaper a day and see how you feel. The volume of diapers that we use with our babies is enormous, which gives us the opportunity to make a difference one by one.

To get started you will need:

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Your diapers, our Linen diaper has 2 parts: a cover and an insert (so you need at least 1 of each). You can take a look at our Specials , there you have different options to start.

    flax logo Liners : They are optional. Liners are an extra layer that is placed on top of the diaper in contact with your baby's skin and help you remove solids. We have 2 options:
        • Washable liners : It is a fabric with an always dry effect, which gives you the possibility that your baby has dry skin and feels more comfortable, especially when they are small. It will also protect your diapers from stains.
        • Disposable liner : It is a bamboo piece of paper that lets liquids pass and collects solids, at the time of change you can remove and throw away. Many moms prefer them for their practicality; however, there are many moms who decide not to use them because the baby feels more moist.

    flax logo Soap: You can use whatever you have at home to start with. My recommendation is to avoid mild soaps like baby soaps or coconut soap or woolite. Your diapers will be quite dirty clothes and they need an efficient soap so that the washing is optimal. It will be important that your soap does not have softener, this can create a layer on the fabric and over time will make your diapers lose absorbency.

    flax logo Washing machine: In our washing section we give you all the information about the process. For starters, if you're running low on diapers, you can rinse by hand and complete the load with other clothes. The important thing will be to find the longest cycle of your washing machine and make sure that the load is maxed out at ¾ – so your diapers will have room to shake and wash well.

    flax logo Diaper cream: With cloth diapers, your baby's skin will be able to breathe and will be fresh, which reduces the need to use cream. If you decide to use cream I recommend using liners to protect your inserts. Many creams are petroleum-based and can leave a residue on your diapers, causing them to lose absorbency.

    And ready you can start!

    When you receive your diapers, it will be important to give them a first wash to remove any manufacturing residue and also to activate the fibers so that they begin to absorb. Your inserts will take about 8-10 washes to reach their full absorbency.

    I also want to tell you that when it is your first time using cloth diapers, the fit is a little different than disposable ones, so it may take you a couple of trial times to achieve the optimal fit with your baby, remember we are learning something new!

    Keep these points in mind:

    • You can adjust the size your baby needs with the buttons on the front of the diaper.
    • When closing the diaper, check that the crotch elastics fit well in the groin, to avoid leaks and also prevent marks from appearing on the legs (especially our little ones who are growing and have those beautiful rolls on their legs).
    • The elastics at both the waist and legs should be snug but not tight. Check when you change your diaper that you can easily run your fingers through all the elastics.

    If you have any questions or concerns when you start using your diapers, feel free to let me know. Write me an email at or contact me on WhatsApp +573122593711 I will be here waiting and happy to help you on this path.