Our history

My name is Alexandra and I am the heart & soul behind Linö. I want to tell you my story, because I think it motivates you to take the first step and start this fabric journey.

It all started in England, my first daughter was born there. Pregnancy was a path of constant discovery, a trip I was making for the first time, far from my country Colombia and my family, far from my comfort zone. The circumstances allowed me to explore and fall in love with a simpler and more natural lifestyle, and made me more aware of the mark I wanted to leave as a mother. I learned and discovered things that I had not imagined, but above all I began to think differently about topics that I took for granted, such as diapers.

This decision was the gateway to a different world, I learned about diapers but also about other ways of being. Getting out of the comfort of disposable diapers was scary - my husband wasn't convinced - because of how difficult it could be. We started using fabric little by little to gain confidence, first at home during the day, then at night and finally always.

Changing diapers became a positive idea, I knew that one by one I was making a difference and that helped me to continue. There were problems of course! but I discovered that I was not alone in this, there were other moms on the same path and we supported each other, all the advice I received later I shared with my friends and they also tried it and thus, little by little, we have been creating ties that unite us .

Thus, little by little cloth diapers became my passion, now that passion comes out of my pores and I want to make this world of cloth irresistible so that more families are encouraged to believe in this alternative. I know that not all stories are the same, but I also know everything that I discovered when I listened to those moms who inspired me to try it. That's why today I tell you my story so that it inspires other families to write their own fabric story and together we can generate the change that the planet and future generations need.