The step by step, once you have your Linö diapers

If you are here it is because you have your Linö diapers and they are ready to go. What happiness!

When you receive your diapers and have done your first wash you can start with your cloth changes.

A couple of points to keep in mind:

- A Linö cloth diaper can last you around 3 hours in terms of absorption. Each baby is different and depending on their age it can be more or less. Within the design of the diaper I also thought about reinforcements that you can add to increase the absorption in case you see it necessary.

- If you are using disposables, your baby may feel wetter with cloth ones. This has a long-term advantage because it allows them to discover how their body works (with disposables they just feel dry) and makes the process of weaning easier. But at the beginning it will be a different feeling, so it is worth starting slowly by making more frequent changes the first few days.

- For your first changes, try to choose a space where they are calm at home. It can be the first diaper of the day while playing or getting up from his nap or it can also be the last diaper before starting his bedtime routine.

In this video you can see how to assemble & put on your Linö diaper in detail:

I also want to tell you that when it is your first time using cloth diapers, the fit is a little different than disposable ones, so it may take you a couple of trial times to achieve the optimal fit with your baby, remember we are learning something new!

Keep these points in mind:

- When closing the diaper, check that the crotch elastics fit well in the groin, to avoid leaks and also prevent marks from appearing on the legs (especially our little ones who are growing and have those beautiful rolls on their legs) .

- The elastic bands at the waist and legs should be snug but not tight. Check when you change your diaper that you can easily run your fingers through all the elastics.

And in this video I show you what to do when changing your dirty diaper:

Now let's talk about how to store your dirty diapers?

The best way to store your dirty diapers will be using a wet bag or in a bucket with one of our wash bags.

No need to soak your diapers. Being 'dry', the minerals in the urine inhibit the appearance of bacteria. You also prevent odors from being generated in your diapers and the elastics from being damaged and the fabrics from wearing out over time.

When you change your diaper, you can keep urine-only diapers as they are.

Those that have solids, remove as much as you can in the bathroom and you can also reserve with the rest. If you want to avoid stains you can quickly rinse with cold water, leave them to air for a while and then store them with the rest.

As you use your diapers you will gain confidence and you will get into the rhythm.

If you have questions or doubts, please do not hesitate to contact me, you can send me an email to or we can talk on Whatsapp 3122593711